• Bedroom with conluto clay plaster walls and clay-colored pure white
  • New House in North Germany with conluto rammed earth wall
  • Office with conlino Deco clay facing plaster Gravel and effect material mica mineral for modern concrete look
  • Clay plaster in the Lighthouse Hotel in Dagebüll, Germany
  • Half-timbered house in East Westphalia Germany plastered with conluto clay plaster
  • Wine cellar in Austria with conluto clay plaster
  • Masonry heater with clay plaster in the Tao health center of the manor house Stellshagen, Germany
  • Rammed earth wall in Karlsruhe Church Parish Center, Germany
  • Scandinavian kitchen with conlino Clay smoothing plaster Mussel
  • conluto play plaster in Körtlinghausen castle



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