• conluto play plaster in Körtlinghausen castle
  • Clay plaster in the Lighthouse Hotel in Dagebüll, Germany
  • Half-timbered house in East Westphalia Germany plastered with conluto clay plaster
  • Scandinavian kitchen with conlino Clay smoothing plaster Mussel
  • Bedroom with conluto clay plaster walls and clay-colored pure white
  • Wine cellar in Austria with conluto clay plaster
  • Masonry heater with clay plaster in the Tao health center of the manor house Stellshagen, Germany
  • New House in North Germany with conluto rammed earth wall
  • Rammed earth wall in Karlsruhe Church Parish Center, Germany
  • Office with conlino Deco clay facing plaster Gravel and effect material mica mineral for modern concrete look

Company profile

At conluto we think, feel and design with earth. Ever since the founding of the company in 1993 by Jörg Meyer, conluto has been dedicated to the development, production and distribution of contemporary ecological building products made of earth. From its beginnings as an earth building contractor based in East Westphalia, conluto has grown over the last twenty years to become an internationally active building materials supplier. On its 14,000 m² large site, conluto now produces a range of pioneering earth building products using tried and tested recipes and constant quality controls.

conluto’s extensive spectrum of products ranges from clay plaster and paints, and renovation systems (interior insulation systems, earth bricks) to modern earth building products, such as rammed earth and clay panels, as well as materials for building conservation and historical restoration. In each of its products, conluto strives to unite tradition with innovation.

conluto is both a pioneer and a market operator, raising the public profile of earth building as well as its market value. We strive to be as sustainable as possible, sourcing our raw materials from clay pits in the region and using electricity that is not produced using nuclear power. For the health of mankind and the environment, we take it upon ourselves to pursue high quality as responsibly as we can. Our staff works passionately to ensure the consistent quality, economy and sustainability of conluto products.

In recent years, conluto and its creative trademark CONLINO (introduced in 2009) have earned recognition throughout Europe and our ecologically-sound earth building products are now available through retailers and distributors throughout Europe as well as in Germany. At conluto we view every cooperative working relationship as a true partnership from which both partners can benefit. Whether we are working together with architects, craftsmen, distributors or consumers we can provide person-to-person advice and planning services from competent experts in the field of earth building. As specialists and advocates of earth building solutions, we also offer a variety of further education and training opportunities, and we participate in and organize events that showcase the use of earth as a building material for the future.

conluto – exploring diversity in earth building.

Why build with earth?

Optimal insulation, healthy room climate …


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