• Half-timbered house in East Westphalia Germany plastered with conluto clay plaster
  • Wine cellar in Austria with conluto clay plaster
  • Office with conlino Deco clay facing plaster Gravel and effect material mica mineral for modern concrete look
  • New House in North Germany with conluto rammed earth wall
  • Clay plaster in the Lighthouse Hotel in Dagebüll, Germany
  • Bedroom with conluto clay plaster walls and clay-colored pure white
  • Masonry heater with clay plaster in the Tao health center of the manor house Stellshagen, Germany
  • conluto play plaster in Körtlinghausen castle
  • Scandinavian kitchen with conlino Clay smoothing plaster Mussel
  • Rammed earth wall in Karlsruhe Church Parish Center, Germany


Earth is one of the most important building materials in the history of mankind. Earth has been used to build houses since people first began to settle permanently – its direct availability and ease of use made it a natural choice for building. The use of earth for building was most widespread during the early Middle Ages but began to be displaced by new building materials and technologies, especially during the age of industrialisation. Nevertheless, earth once again experienced a brief renaissance after each of the world wars when industrially produced materials were scarce.

Today, earth is an ecological and economical building material with a wide variety of uses that complements the range of existing building materials. In building conservation and the renovation of old buildings, earth is an essential building material. In Germany alone there are an estimated 2.3 million half-timbered and monolithic earth buildings.

For new buildings, earth has also proved to be an increasingly popular material. In private houses, earth contributes to creating a healthy and comfortable living environment and indoor climate. And in modern architecture, earth is increasingly being used as an attractive design element, especially in public buildings where its aesthetic qualities are used to create dramatic and eye-catching interiors.


Rammed earth wall in Free Church Parish Centre

Why build with earth?

Optimal insulation, healthy room climate …