• conluto play plaster in Körtlinghausen castle
  • Masonry heater with clay plaster in the Tao health center of the manor house Stellshagen, Germany
  • Wine cellar in Austria with conluto clay plaster
  • Clay plaster in the Lighthouse Hotel in Dagebüll, Germany
  • Rammed earth wall in Karlsruhe Church Parish Center, Germany
  • Scandinavian kitchen with conlino Clay smoothing plaster Mussel
  • Office with conlino Deco clay facing plaster Gravel and effect material mica mineral for modern concrete look
  • Half-timbered house in East Westphalia Germany plastered with conluto clay plaster
  • New House in North Germany with conluto rammed earth wall
  • Bedroom with conluto clay plaster walls and clay-colored pure white

Logistics & Organisation

In the construction sector, the timely and reliable delivery of goods is a must. With our team of experienced distributors, we can ensure you receive the goods you order to meet your schedule. When you order, you can specify whether the goods will be offloaded by crane or forklift truck. If you need to know freight and delivery costs in advance, we provide this as a matter of course as part of the quote. We always try to find the most economical and reliable transport option. And if you are in a hurry, we also offer a 24 or 48 hour delivery service.*

*a surcharge applies